Fully secure transparent XL
roller shutters

Protection for a better display…

our Crystal Vision XL® transparent roller shutters guarantee unparalleled security for all shops or other sites that need burglary protection while providing the same transparency as glass.

Remodel in the blink of an eye…

We offer you an exceptional solution which lets you customise easily and instantly.
Instantly transform your shop window within a reasonable budget. If desired, the existing motorised spindle, galvanised sliders and even some of your metal slats can be kept in place thanks to a special connection system that can be adapted for 90% of systems on the market.

A real révolution in metal shutters…

which provides panoramic transparency with no visual distortion and aluminium profiles offered in lacquered or polished anodised (gold, bronze, black, etc.) finishes, enabling you to communicate while respecting the visual identity of your brand, or quite simply transforming your shop so it can be seen day or night in complete security with an incomparable look.

Application fields


Banks, Hotels, Restaurants, shops (jewelleries, optical shops, clothes shops, phone shops…), car dealership…


airports, train stations, atomic plants, laboratories…

Crystal Vision XL® Components

Flat and transparent polycarbonate slats treated with UV protection in the mass

Possibility of coloring (smocked, blue, orange, green…) tinted in the mass while keeping the transparancy

Or opaque (piano black, opaline white) in order to obscure the light while proposing an exceptional design

Width 600 mm
height 120 mm

Visible slat height 100 mm
Thickness 3,3 mm

Biding profiles in high resistance extruded aluminium, possibility of lacquering (more than 200 colors) with satin, sand or frosted aspect

Profile 1 : Making it possible to connect the polycarbonate slats together by providing the necessary stiffness to the desired strength.

Profile 2 : This specific profile allows to mix polycarbonate slats and galvanized steel full slats, in order to reduce the final cost or rework an existing roller shutter by integrating a transparent part.

Height 24 mm
Width 17 mm

Height 29 mm
Width 16 mm

High Security and Anticyclonic guide rails in extruded aluminium classic installation

The only worldwide guide rail which proposes 4 brush joints (2 for guiding and 2 for waterproofing) and 2 anti tearing spurs to allow lateral locking when the biding profiles are equiped with metal or composite security tips.

Height 80 mm
Width 42,5 mm
Thickness 4,5 mm

Final slat in tubular extruded aluminium

Allowing the integration of an anti-skid reinforcement profile, blocked by the spurs inside the guide rails. A new joint perfectly adapted will strengthen the ground tightness.

Axis and Motorization

Classic installation on axis with central motors and spring boxes 200, 220, 240, or 133 or 168 axis. The rolling profiles (between 3 and 5) should be in extruded aluminium or galvanized steel by using our biding profil provided for this purpose. The motor may be central or tubular depending on the chosen axis.


Wind resistance by the CETIM organism CET0130728 final 02b from the 2016/06/14 Class 5, 1740 Pa – Pressure breaking test 2390 Pa

Break-in resistance by the CNPP organism certificate 18.34.62 Technical advice MF090065A (test carried out by MG Fermetures et Créations on the Curved product)

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